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Life Coaching

Welcome to Love your Life Coaching


What is Life Coaching?


Life Coaching is essentially a “roll up your sleeves and let’s get to work” approach. If you are already an independent person and you know what you want but you just need help tapping into your own intuition and inner knowledge and put wheels to your dreams, then Life Coaching is for you. Whether you need assistance to improve some aspects of your personal life, business, relationships or your work, Life Coaching will, in a few sessions, get you moving in the right direction.   I will assist you in defining your goals, designing a plan of action, and setting a time schedule. We will focus on how to increase your resourcefulness and tap into your own abilities and strengths. Once all the tools that work best for you are identified and aligned, I will coach you on how to efficiently execute your own plan of action and stay on track with your goals.


Life Coaching is available to you in face-to-face sessions in my Ottawa centre town office or online for those residing in Canada.


How will Life Coaching work for you?


The value of Life Coaching is significant and measured in many different ways for each individual. Because your lifestyle and goals are unique to you, a plan tailored to meet your needs will be designed, discussed and adjusted along the way in order for you to achieve the maximum results desired. Achieving clear goals, eliminating some of life stressors, improving the quality of your life, your health and your relationships with others are a few examples of the benefits of Life Coaching. There are also hidden personal benefits such as greater self-awareness, increased confidence and assertiveness that are frequently observed by those who have availed themselves of the services of a professional Life Coach. You will see some immediate results, short term ones and long term benefits.  Often it is later down the road that clients truly see and appreciate the full value and benefits of their Life Coaching experience.


What is my role as your Life Coach?


My role as your Life Coach is to help you draw out what you already possess at your gut-level consciousness. I will assist you in designing a framework from you own personal internal hidden well of riches: treasures, dreams and personal aspirations. Auto-pilot does not exist in charting the road of our life; one must take charge! With coaching techniques, powerful open-ended questions, creative down to earth visualization, and the acquisition of new skills you will find yourself taking baby steps and bold ones towards living what is important to you. New tools and old ones will be used to recalibrate your life with renewed, energized self-confidence and fresh motivation.


Ownership and Responsibility


Life Coaching is not for everyone and it is important to identify that reality right at the beginning. The client will be asked to complete a comprehensive questionnaire. The information shared will help me determine if indeed Life Coaching is the most beneficial approach for you.


Payments for sessions are paid in cash at the beginning of each session or paid in advance on this website by using PayPal.

The hourly fee for each session is $100.00 plus 13% HST.


For your first session which will determine if Life Coaching is for you, go to the home page, click on Request Appointment tab and let's get started!