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Online Counselling

Welcome to Love Your Life Online Counselling


What to expect and how does Online Counselling Work?


Caring and Respectful


Your Online Counselling sessions are conducted with utmost empathy, respect and confidentiality. Great care is exercised to meet the needs of the client. Writing is a therapeutic tool that is very effective in expressing concerns, personal issues and problems as well as ideas, solutions, action plans, positive choices and resources.


Ownership and Responsibility


It takes courage to identify areas of needs and initiate the process of seeking help. I call that ownership and responsibility.  Counselling or Life Coaching offers individuals the opportunity to work collaboratively with an online professional in order to discover and develop new coping and problem solving skills.  Learning, re-learning, and building on already existing strengths is part of life. Online Counselling makes that possible giving the client time to reflect, examine and discover, all in a timeline that can easily be tailored to your schedule.


At the onset, the client must complete a simple but comprehensive intake questionnaire. The information shared is confidential and will aid in determining if you, the client, are a suitable candidate for Online Counselling. If Online Counselling is for you and you choose to avail yourself of my services I will assist you in setting up a secure encrypted email account.


Confidential and Convenient


Using email, you access the same professional services as face-to-face appointments from the comfort of your home or from any location you feel is suitable. With encrypted email technology our email exchanges are secure, protected and can only be accessed by the client and the Counsellor. Love Your Life Online Counselling services are only available to Canadian individuals living in Canada. Unfortunately this service is not suitable for individuals under the age of 18. All information disclosed via email sessions is confidential and will not be shared without your permission except where reporting is required by law such as:


1. Where there is suspicion that a child or children presently under the age of 16 has/have been or is/are currently abused,

2. Where the client presents a serious danger of violence to others,

3. Where the client is likely to harm himself or herself,

4. If a client reveals that he or she has been sexually abused by a health care provider who is covered by the Regulated Health Professions Act,


I, the Counsellor am obliged to report any of the above mentioned.


If I feel at any time that I cannot professionally meet your need I will let you know and recommend other options more suitable for you.


Payments for sessions are paid in advance using PayPal.

The hourly fee for each Online Counselling email session I respond to is $ 70.00 plus 13% HST.


For each session I carefully read your email conversation, listen carefully to your concerns and then I reply with my comments, ask  relevant questions that will help deepened our relationship, situate the direction of the counselling process and assist you in drafting a plan of action.


If you feel Online Counselling is for you click the Request Appointment tab and let's get started .