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Traditional Counselling provides a face-to-face experience where you will meet with your counsellor on a regular basis. In a caring comfortable environment the client will be given undivided professional attention. A combination of approaches will be used based on the individual’s needs and concerns.


Life Coaching is hands on, let’s go forward approach. The focus

is on the present, the immediate future, and long term goals. The client choosing Life Coaching wants to address dissatisfaction with his/her current situation and undesirable life patterns and take the necessary steps to explore, define and choose an action plan that will lead to a more excellent way of life.


Online Personal Counselling uses a secure internet email method that offers the same professional benefits as Traditional Counselling. Carefully chosen approaches suitable for Online Counselling, such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, will provide the client with tools to address a variety of personal concerns.

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