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Traditional Counselling

Welcome to Love Your Life Traditional Counselling


What to expect?


Caring and Respectful


Your traditional face-to-face counselling sessions take place in my Ottawa centre town office, a welcoming and comfortable environment,  where each session is conducted with utmost empathy, respect and confidentiality. I use an integrative approach to best meet the need of each individual. Unless otherwise discussed and determined in advance by myself, each session is normally 60 minutes long.


The first session is devoted to gathering information and clarifying the nature of the client’s areas of need. The client will be asked to complete a simple but comprehensive intake questionnaire. The information shared is confidential and will aid in guiding the counselling process.  By the end of this first session a tentative plan of action is drafted with short and long term goals. This plan of action is adapted to the client’s needs and lifestyle, is flexible, and is revised as progress is evident. My approach is a collaborative model where team work between the client and myself is central to achieving the results desired.


Payments for sessions are paid in advance with the choice to use cash at the beginning of each session or paid in advance on this website using PayPal.  The fee for each counselling session is $120.00 plus 13% HST.


Ownership and Responsibility


It takes courage to identify areas of needs and initiate the process of seeking help. I call that ownership and responsibility. Regardless of the issues or problems you are facing, Traditional Counselling helps individuals discover and develop new skills that serve you for a life time.  Developing strong *interpersonal skills for oneself promotes a healthy assertive lifestyle which equips us to face many of life’s challenges. Additionally, strong interpersonal skills make self-discovery exciting and assist us to navigate through life with purpose and self-assurance. Learning, re-learning, and building on already existing strengths is part of life. I believe every person is capable of much more than they can imagine and awakening that potential in my clients is one of my favourite thing to do.


Waiting for you are new tools, new ideas, and a new perspective which can make a tremendous difference in your life.


Take the first step, you will be pleasantly surprise at the results.


*What are interpersonal skills? 


Interpersonal skills involve our ability to communicate with others, our confidence, and our ability to listen, perceive and comprehend what is being communicated. Problem solving, decision making and personal stress management are also considered interpersonal skills. People with strong interpersonal skills are usually more successful in their personal, professional and social circles.


 To get started click Request Appointment tab on the home page and I will be glad to set up your first appointment.